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William Shakespeare and his works are woven throughout our global culture, from theater, music, and films to new scholarship, education, amazing discoveries, and more. In the Folger’s Shakespeare Unlimited podcast, Shakespeare opens a window into topics ranging from the American West, to the real history of Elizabethan street fighting, to interviews with Shakespearean stars. As you’ll hear, he turns up in surprising places, too—including outer space. Join us for a “no limits” tour of the connections between Shakespeare, his works, and our world. (Listen on SoundCloudiTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, or the NPR One App.)

Episode 114: The Actor and the Assassin: Edwin and John Wilkes Booth

Episode 113: Olivia Hussey: The Girl on the Balcony

Episode 112: Duke Ellington, Shakespeare, and Such Sweet Thunder

Episode 111: The ABCs of Performing Hamlet

Episode 110: Pop Culture Shakespeare with Stefanie Jochman

Episode 109: Julie Schumacher on The Shakespeare Requirement

Episode 108: How to Behave Badly in Elizabethan England

Episode 107: Shakespeare Uncovered

Episode 106: Understanding Peter Sellars

Episode 105: Imagining Shakespeare’s Wife

Episode 104: Steven Berkoff: Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villains

Episode 103: Kenneth Turan: Joe Papp and Shakespeare in the Park

Episode 102: Still Dreaming: Shakespeare with Seniors

Episode 101: Elizabeth Norton: The Hidden Lives of Tudor Women

Episode 100: Stephen Greenblatt on Shakespeare’s Tyrants

Episode 99: Antioch Shakespeare Festival: John Lithgow, Robin Lithgow, and Tony Dallas

Episode 98: Paterson Joseph: Julius Caesar and Me

Episode 97: Stephen Alford: London’s Triumph

Episode 96: Astor Place Riot

Episode 95: How Shakespeare Changed My Life

Episode 94: Antony Sher

Episode 93: Dennis McCarthy and June Schlueter on the George North Manuscript

Episode 92: Derek Jacobi: Acting Shakespeare

Episode 91: Derek Jacobi: Playing Hamlet

Episode 90: Bernard Cornwell: Fools and Mortals

Episode 89: Orson Welles and Shakespeare

Episode 88: Marketing Shakespeare

Episode 87: Sights, Sounds, and Smells of Elizabethan Theater

Episode 86: Tang Xianzu and Shakespeare in China

Episode 85: Shakespeare and Science Fiction

Episode 84: Edward St. Aubyn on Dunbar

Episode 83: Shakespeare in Swahililand

Episode 82: Barry Edelstein: Thinking Shakespeare

Episode 81: Shakespeare and War

Episode 80: Leonard Bernstein and West Side Story

Episode 79: Shakespeare’s Kitchen

Episode 78: Akala and Hip-Hop Shakespeare

Episode 77: Creating TNT’s Will

Episode 76: Phyllida Lloyd and All-Female Shakespeare

Episode 75: The Royal Shakespeare Company’s Digital Tempest

Episode 74: Tracy Chevalier

Episode 73: The Globe to Globe Hamlet Tour

Episode 72: Adapting Shakespeare

Episode 71: Shakespeare 400 Chicago

Episode 70: The Book of Will

Episode 69: How King Lear Inspired Empire

Episode 68: Something Rotten

Episode 67: Shakespeare and Marlowe

Episode 66: Juliet’s Answer

Episode 65: Shakespeare in California

Episode 64: Q Brothers

Episode 63: Uncovering Shakespeare’s House

Episode 62: Shakespeare and YA Novels

Episode 61: Stephen Greenblatt on Shakespeare’s Life Stories

Episode 60: Shakespeare and Girlhood

Episode 59: Shakespeare in Sign Language

Episode 58: Shakespeare in Solitary

Episode 57: Anecdotal Shakespeare

Episode 56: How Shakespeare’s First Folio Became a Star

Episode 55: Elizabethan Medicine

Episode 54: American Moor

Episode 53: The Food of Shakespeare’s World

Episode 52: Recreating the Boydell Gallery

Episode 51: Worlds Elsewhere

Episode 50: Othello and Blackface

Episode 49: Shakespeare and Religion

Episode 48: Shakespeare in Africa

Episode 47: Creating Shakespeare’s First Folio

Episode 46: Kill Shakespeare Comics

Episode 45: Reduced Shakespeare Company

Episode 44: Inside the Folger Conservation Lab

Episode 43: Shakespeare and Magic

Episode 42: Shakespeare and World Cinema

Episode 41: Pop Sonnets

Episode 40: Shakespeare in India

Episode 39: Auditioning for Shakespeare

Episode 38: Portraits of Shakespeare

Episode 37: William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

Episode 36: The Millionaire and the Bard

Episode 35: Shakespeare in the Caribbean

Episode 34: Great Shakespeare Actors

Episode 33: Music for Shakespeare’s Lyrics

Episode 32: The Year of Lear

Episode 31: Editing Shakespeare

Episode 30: Shakespeare Not Stirred

Episode 29: Great Shakespeareans

Episode 28: Shakespeare and The Tabard Inn

Episode 27: Shakespeare in Hong Kong

Episode 26: Shakespeare on Film

Episode 25: Shakespeare’s France and Italy

Episode 24: Elizabethan Street Fighting

Episode 23: Myths About Shakespeare

Episode 22: Recounting Shakespeare’s Life

Episode 21: Designing Shakespeare

Episode 20: African Americans and Shakespeare

Episode 19: Shakespeare in Black and White

Episode 18: Rarely Performed Shakespeare

Episode 17: A New First Folio Discovery

Episode 16: Pronouncing English as Shakespeare Did

Episode 15: The Shakespearean Moons of Uranus

Episode 14: Codes and Ciphers from the Renaissance to Today

Episode 13: When Romeo Was a Woman

Episode 12: Romeo and Juliet through the Ages

Episode 11: Music in Shakespeare

Episode 10: Artistic Directors Talk Shakespeare

Episode 9: Shakespeare and Insane Asylums

Episode 8: Why Shakespeare’s Stories Still Resonate

Episode 7: Shakespeare LOL

Episode 6: Shakespeare in Translation

Episode 5: Punk Rock Shakespeare

Episode 4: Shakespeare Outdoors

Episode 3: In Search of the Real Richard III

Episode 2: Actresses on Shakespeare

Episode 1: The Robben Island Shakespeare