John, Paul, Pyramus, and Thisbe: The Beatles performing Shakespeare

Did you know that the Beatles once performed the “Pyramus and Thisbe” scene from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”? Although they mainly stick to Shakespeare’s script, the moments when they play with the text stand out.

Look at Our Bottoms

The Folger has some really fantastic Bottoms. Seriously! Just look at these Bottoms!

Nicholas Rowe, early Shakespeare biographer

Nicholas Rowe is often referred to as William Shakespeare’s first biographer because his 1709 edition of Shakespeare’s works included an introduction with details about Shakespeare’s life. However, some of those details don’t appear to have much basis in the historical record, explains Brian Cummings, Anniversary Professor of English at the University of York.

Nathan the Wise: An 18th-century German counterpoint to Shakespeare’s Shylock

“Nathan the Wise” and “The Merchant of Venice” are very different works, though religious tension is a subject in each, as is the potential for love and loss, wealth and poverty, bloodshed and peace. But it is the character of the Jew featured in each text that most causes scholars to focus on the plays’ differences.