What’s onstage at Shakespeare theaters in February

Antonia LaChé and Joshua Goodridge star in “Romeo and Juliet” at Atlanta Shakespeare Company. Photo: Jeff Watkins.

Every month, we check in with our theater partners to give you a snapshot of Shakespeare across the United States. Here’s a look at what’s onstage in February.

Romeo and Juliet plays at the Atlanta Shakespeare Company through February 22. Atlanta celebrities like Atlanta radio icon Lois Reitzes and The Walking Dead’s Ann Mahoney deliver the play’s famous Chorus (You remember: “Two households,” etc. etc.) in Elizabethan digs.

Michael Bannigan Jr. as Fang, Brianna Goode as Peto, Ian Blackwell Rogers as Falstaff, Jillian Riti as Snare, Zach Brewster-Geisz as Bardolph, and Lisa Hill-Corley as Mistress Quickly in “Henry IV, Part 2” at Brave Spirits Theatre. Photo: Claire Kimball.

Brave Spirits Theatre’s Richard II and Henry IV, Part 1 continue. They’re joined by Henry IV, Part 2 as the company continues to add plays to its ambitious, eight play Shakespeare’s Histories repertory. By summer 2021, you’ll be able to watch about 100 years of English history unfold all on one stage.

Séamus Miller as Angelo and Amanda Forstrom as Isabelle in “Measure for Measure” at Chesapeake Shakespeare Company. Photo: Brandon W. Vernon.

At the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, Measure for Measure is onstage through February 23.

The cast of “Emma” at Chicago Shakespeare Theater. Photo: Liz Lauren.
Caitlin McWethy as Lizzy and Courtney Lucien as Jane in “Pride and Prejudice” at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. Photo: Mikki Schaffner Photography.

In the Midwest, February is Austen Month. The Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s new musical adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma is onstage through March 15. Meanwhile, the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s production of Pride and Prejudice begins February 28. The fast-paced script comes from our old pal Kate Hamill, one of the United States’s most produced playwrights and writer of hit adaptations of Sense and Sensibility, Vanity Fair, Dracula, and Little Women. Director Sara Clark tells us that her favorite part of Hamill’s adaptation is that Hamill highlights “how funny Jane Austen was, and how keen her satire of the society in which she lived was.”

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Regina Aquino as Mistress Page and Amy Brabson as Mistress Ford in “The Merry Wives of Windsor” at Folger Theatre. Photo: Cameron Whitman Photography.

Here at Folger TheatreThe Merry Wives of Windsor continues through March 1.

Sam Ashdown as Macbeth and Elyse Dawson as Macduff in “Macbeth” at the Nashville Shakespeare Festival.

The Nashville Shakespeare Festival’s post-apocalyptic Macbeth continues through February 21.

Betsy Mugavero as Richard II in “Richard II” at Southwest Shakespeare Company. Photo: Quinn Mattfeld.

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s 2020 season begins this month with A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

At the Southwest Shakespeare Company, catch A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Richard II through March 7. Richard II features an all-female cast, with co-artistic director Besty Mugavero as King Richard II.

The Atlanta Shakespeare Company, Brave Spirits Theatre, Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, Nashville Shakespeare Festival, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and Southwest Shakespeare Company are members of the Folger’s Shakespeare Theater Partnership Program.

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