Six miniature Shakespeare books to delight and intrigue you

Have you seen some of the smallest books in the Folger Shakespeare Library collection? We’ve been sharing miniature Folger Finds on Instagram throughout the year as these books joined a rotating display of items from the James L. Harner Collection of Miniature Books Pertaining To Shakespeare. Harner’s collection comprises books crafted by individual artists or art collectives in limited editions as well as mass-printed books sold commercially with accompanying bookcases and boxes. Many items in the Harner collection are unique or known in only a few copies.

These books have been some of our most popular #FolgerFinds shared on Instagram in 2019. Enjoy!

1. A pop-up Hamlet

2. Hamlet inside a skull

3. Romeo and Juliet with a bloody dagger

4. Johnny Cash’s Shakespeare

This miniature set of Shakespeare’s plays belonged to country music star Johnny Cash.

5. A doll house accessory

We thought at first that this miniature book might belong to Barbie, but a little investigating uncovered a different story.

6. A botanical Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s Harvest is a miniature, limited-edition artist’s book by Jan Kellett. Its one long sheet of paper unfolds to reveal a series of Shakespeare quotes with accompanying botanical illustrations.

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  • What an honor for Jim’s family to have a library of your stature except and display his collection. I grew up with Jim and his wife in Washington, IN.

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