Quiz: Shakespeare’s Mothers

Mothers don’t always fare well in Shakespeare’s plays, and people have noted that many of Shakespeare’s plots would have turned out differently if moms had more prominent roles in them. But there might be more moms in Shakespeare’s plays than you thought. Take our quiz and see how well you know the mothers of Shakespeare.


  • I enjoyed these quizzes. Please consider making quizzes a regular feature. Even when we make errors, we are learning and increasing our appreciation of the bard. The quizzes make the learning fun. You could do one on flowers or vials of meds and other liquids or friars or bawdiness. Anything at all connected to Shakespeare would be interesting. Thank you for considering my suggestion.

  • The Dutchess of York (albeit a prior one) is reunited with her son in Richard II, however, as she successful pleads for his life. When people think Emilia they think Othello, specifically the end and her murder. This is a muddy question, perhaps consider giving it rethink in order to be most inclusive to the widest audience.

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