Combating Shakespearean shrinkage

“The worst reaction to Shakespeare’s complicated language,” writes Austin Tichenor, “is thinking that it should be hard for an audience to understand.”

Birds of Shakespeare: The wild turkey

Artist Missy Dunaway explores references to the wild turkey on her bird-watching expedition through Shakespeare’s works.

What’s Onstage at Shakespeare Theaters in November

Two Tempests blow onstage this month, in Atlanta, GA, and Bethesda, MD. Meanwhile, Macbeth conquers Seattle. Here’s what the Folger’s Shakespeare theater partners are up to in November.

“I Want It That Way”: Rosaline & Juliet

“In both ‘Rosaline,’ a charming teen romcom streaming on Hulu, and ‘& Juliet,’ a splashy new musical making its Broadway debut this week, Shakespeare’s tragedy becomes a surprising springboard for music, comedy, and investigations into narrative ownership,” writes Austin Tichenor.

An Ofrenda to Shakespeare’s Afterlives

Katherine Gillen, Adrianna M. Santos, and Kathryn Vomero Santos write about stage adaptations of “Hamlet” and “Romeo and Juliet” that engage with Día de los Muertos traditions, reframing Shakespeare’s meditations on life and death according to Indigenous and Latinx worldviews.

Birds of Shakespeare: The great cormorant

In his plays Shakespeare deploys the cormorant as a symbol of insatiable hunger and gluttony, drawing also on the bird’s reputation as a portent of doom and evil.